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Community Member

Are you over 70 years old or 18+ and temporarily or permanently disabled? Are you stuck at home because the CDC recommends you take extra precautions? Do you or someone you know need help with household chores, yard work, or would like a companion? There are volunteers in your community that are willing to help you out with household chores and yardwork, or just to be a companion!
Additionally, we understand that not all residents have access to or familiarity with the internet. Connecticut town social workers, as well as friends or family members, can be an advocate and sign up people in need as Community Members on their behalf.

Community Deeds

When scheduling a community deed, you select the services you would like to have the Volunteer perform and the times you are available. We make every effort to match people with similar schedules, but the more flexible you can be, the sooner a Volunteer will be able to help. The list below is an example of the services our Volunteers can help you with:





How to enroll as Community Member

Would you like to be a Community Member?

Community Members enjoy visits from our Volunteers. These Community Deeds can help you get a few more things done, especially if your routine puts you at increased risk for falling, taking the stairs, or lifting heavy items. Having help can improve your mood and decrease your stress, and just give you the peace of mind of knowing you have someone who cares about you. Please sign up today! 

How to Schedule a Community Deed