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How To Become Our Partner For Volunteers And Community Members

UR Community Cares supports group volunteer efforts! Our partners are organizations that have many people who want to engage the community together, either as Volunteers or Community Members. If you are a local business whose employees want to participate in an organized “Community Day" we make this possible. Every municipality in Connecticut can make an account for their social workers and senior centers to sign up residents that do not have access to the internet. 
Some of our partners are:
- Town of Manchester
- Town of Bolton
- Clinton Human Services
- Newington Department of Human Services
- Hartford HealthCare Center for Healthy Aging
- South End Wellness Senior Center
- Florence Mills Apartments
- Delamere Woods

How To Be A Partner

Create A Partner Profile For Your Community Members

Town officials can use our technology to better connect your town residents. Hospitals, healthcare systems and rehabs can refer their discharged patients. Community and religious centers and other similar facilities often represent many people that meet our requirements to be a Community Member. If you are part of one of these organizations, you can enroll all eligible people under a single business profile. Assign one member to be background checked and act as the point person at your organization. Be sure to register with a common email and a business domain that is shareable with others at the company.

Adding Community Members and Scheduling Deeds

Create A Partner Profile For Your Volunteers

Does your organization have multiple people that meet our requirements to be Volunteers? If so, you can designate one of them to be the authorized person to create the profile, and select Community Deeds for each individual. We can send notifications by both email and text message. Community Days are scheduled in advance at a time best suitable for participants and based on tasks and the services they want to perform.

High school staff and students! Volunteering with UR Community Cares counts as community service! Any high school can sign up with a group of students under a teacher’s supervision to receive community service hours.

Our Partners Community Day

We want your company to care about UR Community! We make it easy to sign up your employees to Volunteering, work together to better your town and make time to have a “COMMUNITY DAY"! This is a day of service for your business, help to NURTURE UR NEIGHBORHOOD. Many of our aging adults have chronic illnesses, decreased mobility, and impaired memories which make it more dangerous for them to clean their yard or plan a garden. In addition many in this population have fixed incomes, less family to care for them, and an increased need for assistance to remain in their home. A “COMMUNITY DAY” will link your company with the ability to select a Community Deed to help a Community Member. Sign up on our website as one of Our Partners.