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Do you have an hour to help someone in your town? Maybe you’re looking to fulfill community service hours? Whatever the reason, we’d love to harness your passion for helping your neighbors and Nurturing UR Neighborhood. You may have neighbors who need help taking out their trash, or they may need help doing or folding their laundry. We also have members with needs that would be perfect for larger groups. Either way, you’ll be putting your time to excellent use.

In these times, creating new connections with Connecticut’s older adults and disabled people is more important than ever. That is why UR Community Cares is asking for Volunteers to pick up pre-ordered groceries and deliver them to the community. Providing this kind of assistance to those in need helps Volunteers feel a sense of purpose and gives Community Members hope for the future. Volunteer visits, even brief ones, provide Community Members with meaningful interactions, a bright spot in their day to look forward to, a reason to worry less, and a way to overcome loneliness.

Our minimum age is 18, however we also accept Volunteers age 15 and over with parental consent. Also, every Volunteer is given a complete background check so that our members can feel as secure as possible in granting you access to their homes. In addition, Volunteers can drive Community Members to their medical and other appointments. Enrolling in this type of service requires that you provide your driver’s license number so that we can ensure a clean driving history.

Our Process

When you volunteer, you create an online profile using our secure sign-up page. We ask for a photo in your profile so that Volunteers and Community Members can begin to get to know each other, and it helps keep our Members safe from imposters. You’ll also be asked to fill in personal demographics to satisfy the background check and then select the services you would like to perform. Once you successfully pass the background check, you will be linked to local Community Members based on the services you want to perform and your availability. You can devote as many or as little hours as you’re comfortable with; we’re happy to work with your availability and schedule!

Our Volunteers

We are seeking volunteers to donate their time to help fellow community members who need help to “age in place” – in other words, to live at home where they feel most comfortable and to do so safely. You will be helping someone’s grandmother, grandfather, aunt or uncle, and thus give them peace of mind for the future.

Community Deeds

Community Deeds: The list below is an example of Volunteer Services: Volunteers select which services they want to perform when creating their profile.