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We Connect Volunteers With Community Members Who Request Help With Everyday Tasks.

We Connect Volunteers With Community Members Who Request Help With Everyday Tasks.

What We Do

We help fill in the gaps of traditional at-home care services by mobilizing residents to care about and connect with each other. Our goal is to link people who can help to those who need help – whether it’s for one hour per week or month or year – because UR COMMUNITY CARES. How to participate. Using our secure website, interested Volunteers and Community Members each create an online profile and upload an ID-type photo (to allow one another to be recognized upon arrival for the in-home visit). When a Community Member submits a request for a Community Deed, local registered Volunteers are notified by email/text then sign into their account to view and accept or decline it. Volunteers age 15-17 must have parental consent and visit supervision. (We do not provide any licensed work. Participants must agree to terms and conditions, privacy policy, user policy and procedure.)

Secured and insured. To help ensure safety and security, all Volunteers and Community Members are enrolled via our website and persons age 18+ must pass a background check (social security number required). We are fully insured. Value of local connections. Volunteers and Community Members will be linked in the town where they live (or 10-15-mile radius) and by the type(s) of Community Deed selected. Each party rates the other upon completion of the visit. Tasks can range from respite care to relocation packing and moving, smartphone or other device assistance, and much more. (See full list.) We believe we can help solve current unrecognized crisis. In the U.S. there are 10,000 persons retiring daily, so in the next 5-10 years this population will be challenged to physically care for themselves and “age in place” with limited ability to perform activities of daily life.

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UR Community Cares, Inc.

UR Community Cares uses secure web-based technology to match local Volunteers with Community Members (age 70 and over or age 18 and over with a physical disability) who need free at-home support. Household chores, yard work and companionship visits are requested and pre-scheduled online, thus offering family caregivers a respite opportunity. Through intergenerational social connections (within a 15-mile radius), we help build stronger communities where residents can safely age in place and live more independently.

We are the roadmap to connect UR town:

  • Town Social Workers
  • High School, Higher Education
  • Hospital, Other Healthcare Services
  • Assisted Living Facilities
  • Housing Authority
  • Civic Groups & Associations
  • Community Center, Senior Center
  • Public Library
  • Business Sponsors
  • Restaurant Fundraisers
  • Donors

Become a Hometown Hero

UR Community Cares is seeking to engage a Connecticut Hometown Hero in every town! We are searching for someone who is passionate about improving the quality of life in their community. The Hometown Hero will help identify both Community Members in need and Volunteers to help, all within their town. They will be instrumental in assisting our team with local fundraisers, and help those who may have difficulty navigating computers to enroll online on our website. Please help us revolutionize how UR town thinks about the future of those “aging in place.” Community members will be saying “Thank you for being a friend” to our Hometown Heroes. Requirements: 18 years of age or older with a valid driver's license.

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