Cycling Without Age Manchester Expansion

Feel the wind in your hair!

This project is designed to expand the Cycling Without Age (CWA) Manchester program which launched in August 2023. We gave over 35 rides and trained 10 volunteer pilots last year.  We have partnered with Manchester’s Recreation Department to add a new 5×7 door on the existing bike and gear shop in Charter Oak Park to house our program in 2024. We will run our program out of the bike shop to increase the park’s and East Coast Greenway’s accessibility for people of all ages with mobility limitations. 

Rides of 20-30 minutes are along the park pathways, sidewalks, and the East Coast Greenway, providing low-speed enjoyment for people to enjoy nature, spring through fall (7-month program weather dependent). We are working on funding for a coordinator to schedule pilots to trailer the rickshaw to local assistive living facilities/nursing homes/events/other parks. 

The CWA Manchester program’s mission is to improve the lives of older and less mobile people in the Manchester community, bringing them the joy and healthy benefits of getting outdoors for a bike ride and feeling the wind in their hair.  We aim to advance inclusivity, leisure, and access for veterans as well. Many people experience a loss of mobility leading to social isolation, loneliness, and depression. We provide them with the opportunity to get outside on a bike will give them enjoyment while breathing in fresh air, the ability to connect with nature, and the chance to interact with new people. 

Please contact us if you’d like to donate to the program or if you would like us to bring our rickshaw to your assistive living facility, nursing home, or event. Also keep an eye out for our upcoming event on April 19th at CT State Community College: Manchester. All are welcome! 

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